Ada County Lincoln Day Association


Ada County Lincoln Day Association Inc. celebrates the memory and legacy of Abraham Lincoln. President Lincoln was instrumental in creating the Idaho territory and establishing the great state of Idaho.


The Association carries out an annual event that takes place on or near Presidents' Day that draws hundreds of people to a patriotic celebration.  The event features a top-tier speaker and an inspiring program that celebrates Idaho and the United States of America.  The Ada County Lincoln Day Association is the longest running annual event west of the Mississippi River.  The first Ada County Lincoln Day celebration was held in Boise in 1911. 


The Association is a voluntary organization composed of selected public-spirited individuals devoted to honoring and commemorating the memory of Abraham Lincoln.  This association functions exclusively through voluntary association.

The Ada County Lincoln Day Association is organized as a non-profit organization with the State of Idaho.

To learn more about Abraham Lincoln visit The Idaho Lincoln Institute's website at


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